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You come to the doctor for results. Dr. Perez understands this and, through a one-on-one doctor and patient relationship, will work to pinpoint the cause of your specific eye condition. Expect nothing less than high-quality care at Lake Ridge Ophthalmology LLC. You'll find us nestled right in Lake Ridge, VA.

30 years' clinical experience


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Red eye:

There are many non-urgent reasons why you may have red eyes. However, if you've punctured your eye, have a headache or blurry vision, see halos or have nausea associated with the redness, you should contact a healthcare provider quickly.


Eye allergy and inflammation:

If it's allergy season, you're likely to suffer. But don't fret. We can help you! Give us a call to schedule your appointment and we can discuss the best course of treatment for your condition.


Dry eye:

Feeling a burning sensation in your eyes that is not going away? If your eyes feel excessively dry and drops aren't helping, you might need to see us.


Glaucoma and cataracts:

If your vision is decreasing due to glaucoma and cataracts (which coexist), you should seek medical attention. We're here to help you. Call us today.


Macular degeneration:

We can provide helpful education for macular degeneration. Unfortunately, there is no cure, there are treatment options available, including vitamins, laser therapy and vision aids.

Personalized care for you

  • Dry and itchy eyes

  • Red eyes

  • Eye pain

  • Diabetic eye care

  • Macular degeneration cataracts

  • Glaucoma

Conditions we treat

Alleviating Symptoms to Improve Your Condition's Outcome

  • Pterygiums

  • Lazy eye

  • Allergies of the eyes

  • Eye infections

  • Blurry vision

  • Headaches